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Choosing the Best Shipping Option for Your Business

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Adaora Nnene

As the year starts and business operations commence, a critical factor that will play a vital role in the success and growth of your enterprise this year is your chosen shipping method.

With different options available, like air, sea, land, expedited, and flat-rate options, identifying and using the correct shipping method that is efficient, cost-effective, meets your customer’s expectations, and helps achieve business goals will be a game changer.

When determining the shipping option that works best for your business, be it for a small, medium, or large-scale business, here are some specific questions worth asking: What is the size of my business? Who are my customers? How fast do my customers need their goods? What is the volume of my goods? How much did I budget for shipping?

Finding the correct answers to these questions will go a long way to help determine the correct shipping option for a business or an individual.

Consider the factors below to determine the best shipping option for your business.

1. Customer Needs And Expectations:

When it comes to customer expectations, it is essential to understand who your customers are, their demography and characteristics, and what distinguishes them, as that will go a long way to help understand their behavior and what they expect from you on delivery times, shipping costs, and communication. For instance, the behavior of Gen Z differs from that of the millennials and even the older generations.

While a Gen Z customer may want faster shipment and be willing to pay any amount, an older generation customer may prefer a slower process at a cheaper cost. Offering multiple options, such as faster alternatives like expedited or same-day shipping, can improve customer satisfaction. 

2. Nature And Class Of Goods:

The nature and class of goods also determine the shipping option. While some goods are dangerous, like explosives and chemicals, others are perishable, like food items and vaccines, and then there are general goods, like textiles and fashion accessories. Time is crucial for perishable goods; therefore, air freight will be the best option. 

Larger or heavier items may require specific shipping solutions, while smaller packages would be better off with flat-rate shipping or even express shipping.

3. Volume Of Goods:

The volume of goods largely determines the cost of shipping for every shipping option because the more significant the volume, the heavier the weight, and the larger the CBM, which, by implication, means the higher the freight cost.

However, with a large shipping volume, it may be cheaper to go by sea freight, provided the length of time required for sea shipping is not a problem and can accommodate your business needs. With high shipping volume, negotiating a better shipping cost with shipping carriers is possible. 

4. Product Weight And Size:

While choosing a shipping option for your business, it is essential to consider the weight of your goods as they will directly impact shipping costs. For heavy goods, it may be better to consider sea freight since sea freight is more concerned with the size of the goods than the weight, and for large goods, it may be better to go for air freight since air freight is more interested in weight than size—however, the time frame for arrival of goods matters. 

5. Shipping Destination:

The distance between the shipping origin and shipping destination determines the cost, arrival, and delivery time of goods. International shipping involves cargo movement across national boundaries and frontiers, and it could even be from one continent to another, which elongates the shipping process. Therefore, the Decision on shipping options should be influenced by the business needs and customer expectations on cost, delivery time frames, and nature of goods. 

Shipping can be a daunting process, especially for new entrants and small businesses; choosing the best option makes it more tasking and cumbersome, especially with numerous options available. 

However, working with an experienced and reliable shipping partner like SARA PROCUREMENT SERVICES LIMITED, who is readily available for consultancy and guidance in decision-making, will eliminate stress and mistakes.

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Adaora Nnene


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