Top Selling Products in Nigeria

Making Money Via Imports: Top Selling Products in Nigeria

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Adaora Nnene

From time immemorial, importation has been a part of human existence since no nation is an island, and no nation can produce 100 per cent of its total consumption.

Importation of products into Nigeria has turned out to be a lucrative business as people procure at a lower rate and sell to customers at a higher rate, thereby making profits.

Over the years, China, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium have become some of Nigeria's biggest import partners, and together, Nigerians have been able to earn a living and create wealth for themselves.

Have you considered starting a buying and selling business or a side hustle but need to figure out best-selling products in Nigeria that attract customers and generate good revenue?

In this article, you will get a rundown of top-selling products you can procure from any country and sell in your physical or virtual shop.

With a population of approximately 223,804,632, Nigeria maintains its position as the most populous black nation in the world. With this significant number lies a diversity of needs and business opportunities for anyone who can discover what every segment of the population needs and can provide it. Ready? Let's go!

1. Hair extension products

Hair extensions are a go-to for women in Nigeria because of their beauty, simplicity, variety, and durability. In Nigeria, women use wigs to enhance their daily looks, and depending on the quality, some of these products are as high as 30,000 to 200,000 naira.

The key here is to understand the target market's demography so you will know the quality range to procure for your business. Some of these hair extension products that sell very fast include Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, synthetic hair, hair extension shampoo, curling wands, hair extension treatment, and hair extension conditioner—for success in the hair extension business, requesting samples from your supplier, especially when procuring in large quantities.

2. Fashion products and accessories

Nigerians, male and female, are known for their taste in fashion. From high street to party events, corporate events, and even casual events, Nigerians want to look their best, and having a business that satisfies their fashion needs is one good way to make money. It includes clothes, shoes, bags, purses, underwear, jewellery, sunglasses, and belts. 

3. Mobile phones

The mobile phone business is lucrative in Nigeria as most Nigerians love high-tech mobile devices. Interestingly, there are numerous phone brands for one to choose from, and with 200,000 naira, you can start a phone business. 

4. Mobile phone accessories

The rise in the demand for phones means a rise in the need for phone accessories, as both products are symbiotic. An average Nigerian owns at least a mobile phone, making the phone accessories business a huge one as there is a daily need for phone accessories.

These accessories include power banks, phone chargers, earphones, memory cards, ear pods, phone casing and protectors, and screen protectors. 

5. Beauty products

Beauty products are another set of hot-selling products in Nigeria. Nigerians, especially women, love to look beautiful and will go to any length to achieve their beauty goals.

You should know about male and female beauty regimens to start this business. With ₦50,000, you can begin this business in Nigeria as the demand for skincare and makeup cosmetic products is growing. 

6. Health products

Many Nigerians, especially the middle-aged population, have begun to pay attention to their health because of the desire for a healthy lifestyle. This subsequently makes the demand for health products like health supplements, physical exercise, personal care, and weight loss products skyrocket.

7. Computer products and accessories

With the growth in technological advancement and many Nigerians becoming technologically compliant, the need for computers and accessories is on the high side, making computer products and accessories one of the fastest-selling products in Nigeria.

Starting this business might be capital intensive, but profit will be steady. These products include laptops, desktops, tablets, keyboards, chargers, batteries, and flash drives.

8. Electronics products

Electronics are essential, so their demand remains high. With over 200 million people in Nigeria, most homes, offices, and business places in Nigeria make use of electronic products. Starting an electronic business will require considerable capital, but it's profitable.

Some products include televisions, washing machines, fans, toasters, freezers, refrigerators, and stabilizers. 

9. Baby products

With a birth rate of 24,329 live births on average per day, Nigeria has one of the fastest-growing populations in the world, hence the need for baby products. With as little as ₦100,000, you can start the business in Nigeria. These products include diapers, baby food, toys, strollers, baby feeders, pacifiers, baby clothes, and shoes. 

10. Car Accessories

Another product that Nigerians value is cars, and they enjoy spending a lot on car maintenance, which is why car accessories are another top-selling product in Nigeria. You can start the car accessories business with small capital and scale up.

The key to success in this business is proper online and offline marketing. Here are some best-selling car accessories you can start selling: spare tyres, car trackers, car rear cameras, and other accessories.

One of the critical secrets of importation is knowing the right place, country, or platform to source your products; this is where SARA PROCUREMENT SERVICES LIMITED comes in. 

With our years of experience in procurement and shipping, you will be working with a trusted partner as we know just where and how you can procure your goods without hassles.

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Adaora Nnene


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