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In recent years, e-commerce has witnessed an upward surge primarily because of technological growth, acceptance among shoppers, and the need for convenience. Also, the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic in 2019 encouraged business owners to take their shops online. To avoid contact with people, most people shopped online, which increased acceptance and resulted in the growth of the e-commerce industry. E-commerce procurement or online shopping goes beyond knowing what to buy and searching for it. A significant part of it has to do with knowing what you want to purchase and the best website to buy it at the best price, as some e-commerce websites are tailored toward the sales of a particular kind of product and for anyone who wishes to procure from the United States of America for business or personal purposes, it is essential to be familiar with these websites and the products peculiar to these websites to know the right place to go to whenever there is the need for procurement. Familiarity with these websites will also allow for comparison between the websites on brands, prices, operational processes, and logistics efficiency.

Thanks to business owners early adoption of e-commerce in the United States, the country is the second largest e-commerce market, with an annual online sale of $843 billion. When discussing e-commerce websites in the United States, brands like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart come to mind. However, there are other e-commerce websites, though not as big as the big brands, but are available, and knowing these websites and their operational procedures and niche will be of great importance to online shoppers. This blog will consider the top e-commerce websites in the United States.

  1. Amazon 

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With an estimated number of monthly visitors of 2.73 billion, Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the United States of America, with 38% of the market share. In the marketplace industry, recorded an impressive revenue of over 11 billion dollars from online sales, emphasising its dominance. Starting as a website that sells books in 1994, it has grown to include other categories of products dominating the majority of e-commerce categories, including computers and electronics, books and literature, fashion, home appliances, tools and hardware, sporting goods, and everything else one can think of, even TV and movie streaming. As an “everything store,” Amazon has set the standards for online retailers and other e-commerce websites, especially with their efficiency and fast delivery time. 

  1. ebay

With an estimated monthly traffic of 694.7 million, eBay ranks number two in the United States e-commerce marketplace. 

A most distinguishing feature of eBay is that it is the largest online marketplace connecting businesses and consumers through direct sales and auction sales. 

With about 132 million buyers worldwide, eBay delivers to about 190 countries and territories worldwide. Unlike sellers, buyers don't need to pay any transaction fees on eBay. 

As a marketplace that utilises auction-style sales, eBay has influenced the buying and selling habits of marketplace users. Combining that with the "buy it now" option gives her a leverage over many other ecommerce websites.

  1. Walmart 

Walmart's Modern Logo Adds Trust And Friendliness To The Major Retailer  Through Welcoming Shapes & Colors | DesignRush

With an estimated monthly traffic of 394.6 million, Walmart ranks third in the United States e-commerce marketplace.

Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, Walmart, according to Fortune Global 500 2023 rankings, is the largest company by revenue in the whole world and has been in that position since 2014. It is also the world's largest private employer with over 2.2 million employees. 

With a mission to provide quality items at low prices, it is known for retail. It has a broad online selection encompassing everything you can think of, from electronics to fashion and accessories, groceries, and home décor.

  1. Target 

target-logo - Sony Music Australia

With an estimated monthly traffic of 148.9 million, Target ranks fourth in the United States e-commerce marketplace.

It was founded by George Draper Dayton as Dayton Dry Goods Company in 1962. Since its inception, it has expanded to over 1,800 stores and created an extensive e-commerce platform offering various products. 

The website's relaunch in 1999 enhanced user trust and protection as they incorporated robust measures to protect users' data. 

  1. Costco

With an estimated monthly traffic of 91.4 million, Costco ranks fifth in the United States e-commerce marketplace and the fifth largest retailer worldwide. Known for its chain of membership-only big-box retail stores, it has over 855 warehouses operational across the globe.

Costco offers various products, from computers and electronics to furniture, jewelry, home décor, groceries, etc. According to the Fortune 500 ranking, Costco is the eleventh largest United States corporation by total revenue.

One distinguishing feature of Costco is their unique business model which requires membership for shopping. 

  1. Best Buy 

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With an estimated monthly traffic of 100.3 million, Best Buy ranks sixth in the United States e-commerce marketplace.

Known for its focus on customer service, Best Buy Co. Inc. dates back to the 1960s and is a leading American multinational consumer electronics retailer. Originally known as Sound of Music when it was established, it rebranded to Best Buy in 1983, with over 1,000 stores in North America, including Canada and Mexico, emphasising consumer electronics.

From initially offering only electronics and appliances online, Best Buy now provides a wide range of product offerings like electronics, appliances, furniture, fitness equipment, baby products, entertainment media like CDs and Blu-rays, automation products, mobile devices, computers, and laptops. The website allows for price matching, improved search functions, and personalised recommendations, enhancing user experience. 

E-commerce companies worldwide have become innovative, making the market competition fierce and user experience smooth. This way, buyers can easily shop online and have their goods delivered anywhere in the world without hassles. With the list of e-commerce platforms provided, individuals, startups, or businesses can easily source products depending on their needs and ship them through SARA PROCUREMENT SERVICES LIMITED.

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